Electric Self Balancing Scooters Reviews

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Electric self balancing scooters have become increasingly popular over the last few years, although their popularity has started to explode over the last several months. Chances are you have seen these self balancing scooters, or hoverboards, online at some point. If you do not know what they are, they are essentially a flat board that you stand on, which has two wheels attached.

You can kind of think of the design as a self propelling Segway machine, only without the handle attached. Rather than operating the machine with hands, the machine literally appears to hover above the ground, as it is controlled completely with the feet. To go forward, backward, and turn, you simply point your toes and heels in the direction that you would like to go and the appearance is somewhat like you are hovering above the air.

Before buying your electric self balancing scooter – consider the following issues….

These self propelling machines must have been what they had envisioned several decades ago when they envisioned the future and there is no denying the fact that they are very intriguing. If you have never seen these types of electric scooters before, you may want to get on the internet and check out some of the many videos that are online, as there are literally countless hoverboard videos that are circulating the web. Although you may see these types of videos and decide that you want to run out and get yourself your very own electric scooter, keep in mind that they may be a bit more difficult to operate than you might think. It definitely takes a bit of skill and there is no question that there is a strong learning curve, but many people have come to operate them with a high degree of skill and there is no denying the fact that they can be extremely fun.

Hoverboard electric self balancing scooter

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If you are interested in getting your very own electric scooter, you should check out the various online retailers, which may be a better option than heading out to a store and looking for electric scooters. The reality is that there are far better deals that can be had online, so you should see if you can find a great deal on the internet. With that being said, you cannot really test out a hover board and get a feel for the machine by searching online, so it may also be a good idea to head out to a local store and see if you can take one for a test drive. This should give you a pretty good idea as to whether you think you can handle one or not.

Keep in mind that this will also give you the added benefit of being able to talk to some of the people that are at the store, who likely will have tried the hover boards out for themselves, especially if they do have them for sale and are letting people try them out.
If you do make the plunge and decide to purchase an electric scooter that comes without the handle bars and hassle, you can expect to have a great time checking out the town, without having to worry about wasting any energy. To top it off, there is no doubt that when you are flying around the city on your brand new hover board that you are going to turn a lot of heads.

Self propelling scooters have been said to be the wave of the future and that a ton of people are going to start using these scooters for the majority of the time when they are out walking around, so you may want to get yourself a head start and get ahead of the pack, by purchasing your very own self propelled scooter. Once you get the hang of using your hover board, if you think you have what it takes to get a bit more extreme with your electic scooter, you can even take it to the skate park or on a variety of ramps. There have been a ton of videos that have come out recently that feature people getting pretty creative with their electric scooters, taking them in all sorts of areas that you just flat out would not think would be possible.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to what can be done with these types of scooters and the reality is that their popularity has gotten to such a place that there is no question they are here to stay for the long haul. Rather than being behind the curve and waiting until all of your friends go out and get themselves their own electric self balancing scooters, you should absolutely stay ahead of the game and go out and get yourself one of the best new inventions that has hit the scene in a very long time, the hoverboard.

7 year old hoverboard tricks

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Anhell Bluetooth Hover Boost, Airboard Scooter, Hoverboard Two Wheel elf Balancing Scooters Electric Scooter Drifting Board with LED Light and Bluetooth Music

Anhell Bluetooth Hover Boost, Airboard Scooter, Hoverboard Two Wheel elf Balancing Scooters Electric Scooter Drifting Board with LED Light and Bluetooth Music

Step into the future with the Anhell Bluetooth Hover Boost! This amazing product is a self balancing scooter and hoverboard combined in one. The Anhell uses self balancing wheels similar to a Segway but more simple to control. Anyone can ride with very minimal learning time.

This product is great for recreational use or for short distance travel. By simply applying pressure with the riders front feet, gliding through the air in any direction becomes simple and fun. The hands free system allows riders to turn, speed up, slow down, and smoothly break by simply using the pressure they apply with their feet as well as leaning in the right direction.

This product boasts Bluetooth capabilities offering riders the opportunity to listen to their music as they glide along. Riding at night is safe and fun with the built in LED lights that create a magical glow around this self balancing scooter. This product contains a 36V 434AH Samsung Lithium batter that charges in two hours or less. This hoverboard reaches speeds between 15-20 miles per hour and can hold up to 120kg in weight. When the battery gets to 10% the board will automatically slow down giving the rider an opportunity to charge it.

It is recommended that riders use proper safety gear when riding the Anhell Bluetooth Hover Boost until they completely master controlling the board. The battery of this unit has been tested for safety and shoppers can request copies of these safety certificates in their email.

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Sharper Image-Sogo Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter


Sharper Image-Sogo Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter/Personal Transporter with LED Lights

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Transportation of the Future- The Sharper Image Sogo

The hover board used to be something one could only imagine being available in the future. Well, it’s finally here. The Sharper Image-Sogo hoverboard is a two wheel electric self balancing scooter for those who would like a fun and eco-friendly way of getting around town.

The hoverboard comes with a Samsung lithium rechargeable battery which fully charges in just three hours and goes 15 miles between charges. The charger simply plugs into an AC outlet and the hover board has an LED power display to let you know when the battery is low or fully charged.

The Sharper Image-Sogo is quick, too, traveling at speeds of around seven miles per hour. The secret to this two wheel electric self balancing scooter is the built-in gyroscope that adjusts to the person riding to keep them upright and balanced. Perfect for college students, professionals who commute and need a quick way to get to public transportation, and anyone else who needs an easy, inexpensive way to get around. However, the Sharper Image-Sogo can also just be fun recreation for a day in the park.

For safety, the hover board also comes with blue LED lights to illuminate your path. To ride, simply move your body. It’s that simple. Shifting your body slightly to the left, right, forward, or backward causes it to intuitively adjust its direction. The large, 6.5” hollow wheels help to keep the ride stable and comfortable. With such a smooth ride, mastering the Sogo is a breeze.